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Ermak Makina

59 Years of Leadership and Quality Legacy

Ermak Beton ve İnşaat Makineleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. established in İstanbul in 1965. Since then Ermak always renovated and developed itself constantly and then in 2023, moved to a new headquarter in Dilovası,Kocaeli which is based on 15.000 m² area and with Tuzla Fabrika, continues to operations on 20.000 m² total area. Ermak keeps manufacturing tile presses,tile polishing machines, tile cutting machines, mixers, belt conveyors, concrete block machines, hollow block machines, curbstone machines, grass stone machines and construction machines etc. İn this new headquarter with a new vision and perspective.

Our company, Ermak, which has specialized in its field in a short time with its expert staff, serious machinery park, by using quality and standard materials, on time deliveries and fast after-sales services; is the only company in Türkiye that can manufacture concrete block machines, tile machines, concrete batching plants, concrete tile machines, wet presses for border purposes only (rotary presses), precast hollow-core slabs machines, lifting attachments and various mixers at the same time and at the highest quality.

We remain at your disposal with our 59 years of experience, our love for our job, our staff of more than 180+ people working to do the best, our subcontractors, our highly qualified and experienced service and assembly teams, our machinery park, our technological infrastructure , our honesty, our empathy ability, our consultation ability, our education, our patience, our machinist identity and our craftsmanship. We understand you, we know what you want. That’s why we continuously follow the developments about our sector in the world and keep ourselves updated.

Especially, our “Quattro” model machine is completely a German technology machine that does not have a domestic equivalent.

We trust our technology and experience and hope to see you among our distinguished and happy customers…

Ermak Makina

1965 to the Present...

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Ermak Makina | About Us

Milestones of ERMAK

Ermak Beton ve İnşaat Makineleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was founded in 1965 by Sadık ERSÖZ to manufacture Tile Machines.
Ermak Makina | About Us

Rising of Concrete Block Machines

In 1990, Ermak Beton started to produce Paving Stone Production Machines in addition to Tile Machines and became specialized in this field in a short time.
Ermak Makina | About Us

2nd Generation in ERMAK

Ermak Beton ve İnşaat Makineleri San. and Tic. Ltd. Şti. which is established by Sadık Ersöz in 1965, Its management was transferred to the second generation in 1997 and it continues its activities in this way. Honorary and Founding President Sadık Ersöz still continues his work for Ermak as Founder Chairman.
Ermak Makina | About Us

ERMAK Concrete Batching Plants

In 2000, Ermak Beton started the production of Professional Concrete Batching Plants and its own registered brand, Milano Mixers in addition to the production of paving stone machines and tile machines.
Ermak Makina | About Us

%100 German Technology Machines

As a part of its great transformation Ermak started by adding paving stone machines to its production in 1990, started to produce its machines using 100% German Technology in 2004 and raised its products to superior quality standards.
Ermak Makina | About Us

High Quality Mould Production

In 2008, Ermak established hardening and heat treatment furnaces for moulds which are used in paving stone, curbstone and hollow block production machines, and carried the Ermak signature to every stage of its production process.
Ermak Makina | About Us

Ermak Machine 2nd Facility

The adventure of Ermak Makine, which started in 1965, has grown even more with its second factory in Tuzla which opened in 2009. Machine and mould production have been separated from each other and expanded to a larger area, and production capacity has been increased.
Ermak Makina | About Us

Finger System Manufacturing

In 2011, Ermak Makine started manufacturing facilities with Finger System in addition to its machines. Today, there are more than 150 Ermak Finger Machine Facilities all over the world.
Ermak Makina | About Us

3rd Facility Construction Works

Ermak Makina, which continues to develope constantly as a result of improvement and success over the years, has started the construction of the Dilovası Facility and New Headquarter with a new, modern infrastructure in order to meet the need and further increase its production capacity.
Ermak Makina | About Us

Dilovası Facility and New Headquarter

The construction of the new facility, which started in 2021, has been completed in 2023.In May 2023,Ermak Head Office and the factory which located in İmes Organized Industrial Zone have been moved to the new modern infrastructure facility in Dilovası which built on an area of 15,000m². Ermak Machinery, on a total area of 20,000m² with its Dilovası Facility and Tuzla Facility, continues all its production activities at full speed with its increased capacity and brand new vision.
Ermak Makina | About Us


Ermak, the company of firsts in Turkey, is a well-established company that manufactures on a total area of 20,000m² and has managed to be among the top 3 in the world in terms of quality, sales and capacity in its sector. With its 59 years of experience, professional staff of 185+ people, serious machinery production line, representatives all over the world and export skills, it is the only company in Turkey that understands the needs of customers and can produce machines and equipment at highest quality standards.
Ermak Makina | About Us
Ermak Makina | About Us

Our Vision

Ermak aims to be a leading brand in the concrete block machinery industry. Ermak aims to offer innovative and quality products to the sector, keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, and contribute to increasing the trust in Ermak and its country all over the world by providing its customers with reliable, durable and efficient machines.

Ermak Makina | About Us
Ermak Makina | About Us

Our Mission

Ermak’s mission is to offer the best quality and affordable construction machines to all customers. It aims to provide solutions by analyzing needs with a customer-oriented approach. At the same time, it aims to munificate the society and the environment with environmentally friendly and sustainable production and operating processes.

Ermak Makina

We trust our technology and experience and hope to see you among our distinguished and happy customers…

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Export to 40+ Country
Ermak Makina | About Us

We claim and prove that; Ermak's Machines are one of the best machines in the world that can produce both pavers,curbstones and hollow blocks all with highest quality.